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What We Do

At Diamond PR, we’re dedicated to minimizing injuries in baseball. We understand that injuries can still occur, and we see them as opportunities to uncover and address underlying issues like mobility restrictions, strength deficits, movement patterns, and mechanical flaws. Our approach goes beyond the typical insurance-based physical therapy model. We offer personalized attention, identifying and systematically treating each athlete’s unique needs. Our comprehensive program progresses patients from injury rehabilitation to return-to-play, focusing on mechanics and long-term body care.

Inseason Screen

Our Inseason Screen is designed to proactively identify and mitigate injury risks. By evaluating a range of physical attributes, such as range of motion, strength, endurance, and proprioception, we can create a tailored care and maintenance routine. This approach helps maintain optimal physical condition throughout the season and prevents a one-size-fits-all solution.

Measurements include:

  • Range of motion (cervical, shoulder, elbow, spine, hips, ankles)
  • Strength, endurance, motor control, and proprioception
  • Movement patterns related to baseball

Inseason Injury Prevention Training

We offer specialized training sessions to refine your Armcare and recovery routines. Our full-body mobility program includes scapular motor control, rotator cuff strengthening, and core and hip motor training. These sessions are designed to correct common errors in Armcare routines, setting you up for long-term success.

Connection Days

Our Connection Days integrate non-throwing activities like med ball, water bag, and 3D strap exercises to improve efficiency in throwing motions. These sessions are crucial for maintaining offseason gains and improving power and efficiency in both hitting and throwing.

Mechanics Training

Our mechanics training program includes:

  • Comprehensive warm-up techniques
  • Detailed assessments of throwing mechanics
  • Training with professionals to correct deficits
  • Inseason focus on movement patterns and daily drills for continuous improvement

Mechanics Analysis Onsite or Offsite

Our 30-point mechanics screen identifies how the body generates energy and the timing of the throwing motion. We offer detailed evaluations and practical drills to correct movement pattern deficits. Options include one-time breakdowns or tiered memberships for ongoing improvement.


Our educational sessions cover a wide range of topics to enhance understanding and application of baseball mechanics and injury prevention. These sessions are designed for a variety of audiences, including organizations, medical teams, and individual players.

Topics include:

  • Breaking down and troubleshooting mechanics
  • Drills for common pitching motion flaws
  • Recognizing injury precursors
  • Managing pitch counts and rest days
  • Preseason and inseason maintenance strategies
  • Identifying common injury risks
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