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Our Vision

Become the regions leading source for information related to baseball injury prevention, performance, maintenance, inseason and offseason programming, development, and mechanics training.


Dr. Alex Beebe

Alex Beebe

Out of many reasons, the driving catalyst to the creation of Diamond Performance and Rehab was due to the owner, Dr. Alex Beebe PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CES, experience with Baseball physical therapy over the past decade. 

During this time Dr. Beebe has been implementing systems and protocols into his treatment of each baseball player individually based upon their needs, training background, and skill level in order to appropriately and efficiently, get these players back on the field at a higher level than before, and to keep them on the field throughout the course of their careers. What is often missed and well understood in the treatment of a baseball player, is that whether aiming to prevent injury, rehabilite an injury, or improving performance, the focus goes well beyond just treating the arm. Many underlying component need to be in place to build the foundation for solid programming to address year round health and development at any age group. 

  • Received Doctor of Physical Therapy from Armstrong Atlantic State University (currently Ga Southern University) 
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA (CSCS) 
  • Certified Corrective Exericse Specialist through NASM (CES) 
  • From Dr. Alex – “I played baseball up into the collegiate level following the honor of playing for the Georgia Highschool top 20 (Team Georgia) as a RHP. I am now blessed to work with baseball players all over the country from youth athletes to the professional level and use my experience and feel as a former player combined with the anatomical and biomechanical knowledge I have obtained through my educational background to improve player performance, development, and medical treatment. “

Evidence Based

Goal Oriented

Player Specific

Our Values

Provide an environment, where quality never comes second place to quantity.

Instructors are always highly qualified. Every program will have the most efficient and effective ratio of staff to player to ensure an individualized and customized experience is provided and no participant is lost in the shuffle no matter the skill level

Provide appropriate, mechanical evaluation, and correction based upon not only significant on field experience, but Bio, mechanical and anatomical contribution to individualistic movement patterns

Provide evidence based rehabilitation and injury prevention programs, calculated return to throwing programs, preseason ramp up programs for various age groups, velocity programs for those that qualify

Provide goal oriented and evidence based inseason maintenance programs

Cultivate an atmosphere of accountability and provide a place for on and off field growth and development

Atmosphere constructed to ensure quality education to the community, evidence based programming, and unmatched medical services are always provided

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