Introduction to Diamond Performance and Rehab

We are on a mission to nullify injuries in the game of baseball for our Diamond Performance family. That being said, even with all the appropriate programming in line, injuries do and will still occur. As unfortunate as that is, we like to view these injuries as a blessing in desguise. This is simply due to the fact that the first time a player has an injury, its often from quite a few underlying attributes that predisposed them to injury that they were never aware of to begin with! These attributes can range from mobility restrictions, strength deficits, movement pattern and mechanical flaws, over use, etc and along with exponentiated injury risk, these are often reducing performance! With our experience in treating baseball athletes, we have identified all the the nuances needed to treat each athlete with a holistic approach. The typical insurance based PT model usually goes as follows: 2-3 patients and hour, hop on the arm bike or heat and stim (to provide the PT with more time to catch up on notes or restore sanity). Then you run through the “arm care” program that everyone gets whether you are 10 or 90. After that you are provided with that same print out of the “shoulder exercises” you did in therapy (sound familiar?).

A couple of problems here…

For one did we ever specifically recognize what got you in this mess in the first place? Was is endurance, range of motion, basic strength, proprioception and stability, are you stiff or hypermobile, was it mechanics, overuse, hip range of motion, core strength, spinal mobility? Are you getting the picture?? The reimbursement rate of insurance has resulted in all medical fields flooding themselves with patients to float the business, that the uncomical joke is now on the patient. There is simply no time in these settings to provide the individualized approach that was intended from the beginning.

Diamond PR has cultivated an atmosphere to have the time, space, and necessary skill set to identify what is going on with patients individually and address these injuries systematically. Not on this but we have the knowledge base and program availability to actually progress you from physical therapy, through your return to throwing (finally addressing underlying mechanics flaws), and back to the field. It doesnt stop there… By this time you should have more knowledge than ever on how to take care of your body. If you are interested continue your baseball journey with our performance, prevention, and maintenance programs! Welcome to the family.

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